My Escape Mission Escape Rooms is Madison’s fully immersive Escape Room Adventure.

At My Escape Mission we are striving to provide our guests with the most immersive escape room experience around.

Our goal is to really put you in the room, whether it’s a serial killers dungeon or a museum curator’s office. We are located in the heart of Madison

A Thrill for All Ages

Make any night a fun one when you visit us for your escape room experience. We are happy to adjust clues to fit any age group, and we welcome players both young and old.

Our Themes

Our themes which are available now are the Military Espionage, Mad Scientist, and the Bank Heist which makes for a great theme for your event for all ages. The back of our Regent St. building looks like a barracks or bunker house, making it a perfect choice to fit our location. We plan to change our themes on a regular basis to keep things interesting for players.

Safety First

At My Escape Mission, we offer a safe and friendly environment for players of all ages. We use walkie-talkies to keep in contact with you during your mission. If for any reason someone has to get out of your room before time is up, there is an emergency key available for an easy exit.

Parking Options

While we welcome groups, we would like our customers to know that there is not much on-site parking available for Regent St. Parking is available on the street. For Stoughton Rd. there is a parking lot.

Contact Info

2044 S Stoughton Rd, Madison, WI 53716

Hours of Operation

Mon.-Tues.: Closed

Wed.-Sat.: 10:00am – 8:00pm

Sunday: 10:00am – 5:30pm